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About Ross Hill & Associate Solicitors

The result of two forces that gave birth to a superpower in criminal law practice and defense – that’s what Ross Hill & Associates is as it came to fruition in 1998. During that time, it quickly became recognised as a firm that can handle serious cases with utmost determination and emerge victorious. Ross Hill & Associates then marked its name in the history books of criminal law in Australia as one of the most successful law and legal services provider.

As an end result of this wide acclaim for the rising law firm, societies like the Bench & Crown Authorities in particular, further making it a household name in criminal law practice and defense in Sydney NSW. Because of that, Ross Hill & Associates Solicitors have become a well-renowned name when talking about law practice and legal advice in Australia.

Ross Hill & Associate Solicitors, with its influence and expertise in criminal law, has expanded further into Southeast Asia and Middle East. In that regard, it has built its legal consultancy firm in Cambodia, reaching further into overseas clients.

Ross Hill & Associates knows its way around criminal justice systems both within and outside Australia, which is why a lot of people depend on its know-how and expertise. From break and enter offences to murder and manslaughter, the firm has got your back.


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