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Smoke alarm inspection

Smoke alarm inspection will give the solutions for all risks in regard to smoke alarm legislation. This inspection helps out to check the expiry duration of your smoke alarm. It is important to inspect your smoke alarm because it helps keep you safe – but it can’t do that if it’s not working. A smoke alarm with damaged batteries or faulty wiring will not do the job that it is intended to, which may be harmful to your family. Without periodic smoke alarm testing, you can’t understand the problem with the alarm whether it stopped working or malfunctioned in some way.

">Smoke Alarm Repairs

iCheckit give services like Smoke Alarm Repairs in case of damaged alarm. From our experience we have found that the number of smoke alarms fitted in homes has not been maintained, and consequently do not work, putting life and property at risk. We offer the service to help our customer in smoke alarm repairs. If the previous alarm got damaged or expired then our technicians will replace smoke alarm with new fresh one. And test the smoke alarm with regular interval of time with the proper manufactures instruction.

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